Easter Special

Editado 2001

Formato CD5, Lugar de grabación Varias Localizaciones

March Of Dimes (1957)
It Is No Secret (take 12)
He Knows Just What I Need (take 1)
Mansion Over The Hilltop (take 1)
Joshua Fit The Battle (take 1)
I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 2-3)
Known Only To Him (take 1-2)
Run On (take 2)
Stand By Me (take 6-7)
So High (take 2-3)
Somebody Bigger Than You And I (take 12)
We Call On Him (take 4-5)
Saved (take 1)
An Evening Prayer (take 2)
Seeing Is Believing (take 1,2,4)
There Is No God But God (take 1-2)
He Is My Everything (take 1)
Bosom Of Abraham (take 7)
I Got A Feeling In My Body (take 6-7)
If That Isn’t Love (take 2,6,7) 

Primer lanzamiento de FTD dedicado a grabaciones Gospel. Podemos ver diferentes tomas alternativas de temas que Elvis grabó a lo largo de su carrera así como un mensaje inédito promocional que grabó para "March of Dimes".